It’s another story to the survivours roleplays I created basically it’s red vs blue but boys vs girls the events in this one have nothing to do with the halo games but it a prequel and a sequel to the survivours basically in the start both teams are in ragnorak and they dont know it but they re being watched by ONI you don’t have to put a characte if you do put something short below is my description just drop right in we will learn about your character in time and just to have fun we are all teenagers and odst’s and in the next seaon of the survivours all characters from both roleplays will meet up

class:odst captain
armor color:black and red

no teleporting
Can create only three characters
don’t kill other characters

name: Sampson
gender: male
age: 17
class: Marine PVT 2nd class
armor color: sage and crimson

Name: Daniel
gender: male
Class : ODST recruit
ARMOR Color: grey and blue

name: Richard
gender: male
age: 16
class: Marine PVT
armor color: sage and blue

Sampson walks up the the cannon man on the base where Richard is standing. “Hey” he asks.


“Do you know why we’re here?”

“Well that’s one of life’s great mysteries isn’t it? Why are we here?” Richard looks up into the sky. “I mean, are we ju…”

“No, I meant why are we sitting in a box canyon fighting a bunch of girls?”

“Oh.” He looks back down at Sampson. “Well our pelican crashed.”

“No you idiot why are we still here?!” He gestures wildly as he talks. “I mean our ship crashed! big whoop! How the heck did that translate into us being stuck here for three months?! And that’s not even the worst part!”

“You can’t get much worse than that.”

“Apparently you can! because you people decided to set up next to the stupid waterfall and let the girls take the beach front property without a fight!”

“Hey the waterfall gives us running water.”

“So?!” He points to the river. “There’s a river flowing right to the other base! From the same waterfall!”

“Well they could have blocked it up.” Richard says defensively.

“They wouldn’t have thought of that! no one in this canyon is smart enough or determined enough to take a shovel and build a dam!”

“Well it wouldn’t work anyway. The water would just build up and flood the base.”

“No it wouldn’t! All we’d need to do would be build a reservoir and use the water! You know what! I’m gonna do it!” He throws down his battle rifle and stomps off to a small makeshift tool shed.

“He’ll get bored and realize he can’t make any progress sooner or later.” Richard then goes back to standing and doing absolutely nothing.

(Just to get things started)

Eli walks out of the base near the water fall
“hey would two shut up trying to sleep here and for the last time enough of the dam idea it will not work”
yells eli in the forerunner base

“You don’t know that!” Sampson yells from the front of the base, determinedly trying to dam the river.

“Sleep? Yes sir! finally, an order I can get behind.” Richard walks inside drops his assault rifle next to his bed and collapses onto it.

“You know what I am going to go see what I can salvage from the pelican be right back”
says eli then heads to the pelican

name: Brian
gender: male
age: 18
class: ODST sergeant
armor color: black and green

Daniel shows up at the crashed pelican and says to Eli Hello I am Daniel your new recruit!

“Wait a minute I thought the girls killed all my new recruits how long have you been out here”
says eli

Ya I just got here in that pelican that is leaving right about now and there it go’s
they thought you could use an extra soldier and they were laughing when the droped me off but oh well

“Wait a minute they left us here on purpose what did they say about that base full of girls”
asks eli

Base full of girls? They said nothing about that. They just started laughing and pushed me out of the pelican.

“Base full of girls?! Where is it? I want to meet them…” Brian appears suddenly behind Eli and Daniel

“Over by the beach but the last time one of my guys tried to go over there well lets say he had a bullet in his leg”
says eli

“Really?! Hmm… well… I’ll try my best…” says Brian and starts going to the girls base.

“No wait we were given orders to kill them and they must have the same orders about us!” sighs “they gotta learn the hard way”
says eli and goes to watch on the hill in the center of the canyon

Brian sneaks carfully into the base from the girls and whispers “That wasn’t so hard. I expected that there…” sees 3 girls standing angry infront of him “…more guards… hehe… hi girls…”
One of the girls punches him in his face and he got knocked out and dragged into the base.

Walks to boys base
“guys a recruit has been captured need everyone out here NOW!!”
says eli