Canceled my preorder at GameStop

Just canceled my order earlier today idc how great the campaign is I will not and I repeat WILL NOT SUPPORT A SYSTEM LIKE THIS 343!
Balls in your court now the hardcore fans and day ones are revolting this nonsense!


Tbf just get gamepass anyway, way better value that way

I still have to spend same amount money on GP what difference does that make ?

The game is 60$, gamepass is what, 10? If you wanna play campaign, get gamepass, finish it in a month, job done. Also if you get bored or wanna continue the subscription you’ve got like 200 more games to play.

Its the same reason people don’t buy boxsets anymore when Netflix exists.

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I’m very tempted to pre-order while I still can just to secure the steelbook version. I’ve been on the fence for ages because I will be playing through game pass anyway.

So you’re telling me with game pass the entire campaign is just 10 bucks ? Because it’s free on game pass ???

Imo, don’t. There’s no point. If you’ve nothing to gain all you’re doing is buying a case for your shelf. If that’s all you want, fair. Just keep that in mind though.

Yup, all of Xbox’s exclusives are. The only instance they aren’t is in the case of DLC expansions.

Edit: (While you are subscribed obviously)

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Well good to know I saved 60$ because I thought that you still had to pay the full 60 regardless if you had game pass or not

Yeah it is just because I have every Halo game steelbook version ha.

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That’s pretty cool tho I only have halo 2 steel case unfortunately lol

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It’s all good, I buy almost no special editions and for some reason always got the heroic editions for Halo.

Aside from that I only have steelbooks for very random games where it was the same price and Gears of War games.

I’m wondering if it will still be available in the future because I’ll play on game pass then can buy it when it isn’t £55.

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All MS first party titles get added to gamepass on day 1.

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