Canadian Gamestop Midnight Launch Locations

BAM! So happy to see my local EB Games is having a Midnight Launch!

Check the locations to see if your local Gamestop is having one!

All 3 of my EBgames are having one.

Is there one for the US?

> Is there one for the US?

I’m pretty sure there is one on the US Gamestop website, but I don’t have a link to it.

I’ll be at the 21 FAMOUS AVENUE, UNIT 2, VAUGHAN, L4L 0B6 location. Come by for midnight launch, you can take pictures with me, I’ll sign autographs and maybe, just maybe give you the T-Shirt I’m wearing.

Sweet! did not think my town, Brockville would get one! It always seems that they skip it! T