Can you preorder Infinite on PC?

I have just got my pc rig up and I’m excited for Infinite, as I can imagine all of you are too. But I’m unaware of if you can preorder the game and or any of it’s"Ultimate" editions (if it has one) on pc. I’m getting it on pc because well, it’s a lot better than my year one Xboxone. I don’t want to bother costumer support or anything so I’m asking here. Any insight would be well appreciated!

Edit 1: I’m aware preorders eraren’t out yet. I just want to know if it will be possible to preorder on pc. It should also be known I’m new to pc.

Just checked the MS store and it is currently unavailable for preorder.

No, at least not yet.

But why bother? If MCC PC indicated anything, it’s very possible that we won’t have pre-load even if there will be pre-purchase. On the other hand if you’re worried about MS Store’s service quality then you can always get the Steam edition, as they just announced. I plan to buy the game 1 day (or several, depending on whether the launch date conflicts with work days) after release just in case they push a massive day-zero/one patch as many other modern games do nowadays.

Still nothing. I do hope they let us on PC pre-order the game.
I am eagerly waiting for the pre-order period for PC. (I will be getting it on steam)
Already know people who have preordered it on Xbox One.
gamestop, bestbuy and a few other places let you preorder it.