Can you PLEASE give us Crossplay choices!

I’ve been playing on both my PC and my Xbox One X, using controller. And I also want to keep crossplay.

I have my controller settings the same on both PC and Xbox, and I can’t notice any difference at all other than the performance being smoother and more stable on my Xbox. Oh and xbox has the slight advantage of the reticle turning red to show that you are in-range for your current weapon.

So if you are on xbox you already have the advantage, so why would you want to disable crossplay? The game will be harder for you and then you’ll come back complaining that the skill based match making isn’t working, or that your shots are not registering, or whatever other reason you can come up with for getting outplayed.

If match making does not work due to a low player base in a region or given time, then you can enable cross-play again.

At least you as a player have the option. The idea is not to permanently disable cross-play, but to offer options within the game.

bummmmmp, 343i u need to hear this cause once cheaters from asia floods in ,halo would be a mess!(I am an asian but its the truth that hacker problem is tooooooo serious and it will ruin halo)

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Yes I 100% agree. Playing against pc gamers in any playlist is -Yoink!-. It’s not fair for controller/console gamers. I don’t play ranked so please let console players have the choice to opt in or out of crossplay with pc.


I guess you dont realise this, but for some baffling reason controller on PC has aim assist whereas controller on console barely has any.

I know this from watching streamers who have reticle “stickiness” when playing PC controller, yet I get zero on Xbox Series X.

Exactly. You are 100% correct. This is exactly how it should be.

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bummmp for more visibility, anyway cheaters are coming soon and yeah 343i your halo is going to be ruined.


Welcome to Activision version 3.43

Just look at those posts, 343i.

come on we dont need cross play unless u promise that there is no chance for us to meet cheaters in game

I advocate for input-based matchmaking simply because it aggravates me that overall I’m an above average player, my KD is almost always positive and I win more games than I lose. But without fail every once in a while I’ll be playing and someone will just perfect me outta nowhere despite my best efforts in dodging and weaving seemingly without even trying they just smear me across the floor. I inquire further, controller user every time. I DID in fact dodge his crosshair and if it was a KBM I WOULD have won that gunfight. But aim assist held his hand and he got away with an unearned kill. Upsetting every time. I understand its necessary for controllers to be viable but cmon man, especially when I’m playing ranked its gotta be a measure of personal skill and its just not fair to have the two inputs in that situation. So of course I’ll choose not to play with controller users every time. Casual eeeh it’s not so bad.

we need in game toggle to close the cross play

The entire game is balanced around crossplay if you could choose youd have to enable teamkilling bring red vs blue back and make sure nobodies allowed to drop weapons. youd have to rebalance all the weapons maps and vehicles. lol. The whole point of this game is being able to use both mouse/keyboard and or controller on both pc and console. allowing for crossplay. lol. even tho your not suppose to use both at the same time because it causes hud malfunctions. but still. this has been the dream of halo since ce. You gotta take into account the x generation of players that are pushing there mid 30s whove wanted a pc/xbox since 2001. lol.

The problem is cheaters not input

Thats the point. Input based is a must cause lots of cheaters use m&k, to some degree, but yeah to solve this problem, the toggle that can just shut down cross play is what we asked for

what you’ve said makes no sense at all. how is that game balanced around crossplay?? that’s not a thing… you’re just spouting nonsense.

The point of the game is not to be able to use MKB or controller, the point of the game is enjoy pvp against other halo players.

Putting random “lol” doesn’t make you any more right, either. you’ve managed the worst take in this thread.

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