Can you PLEASE give us Crossplay choices!

I know it’s been said, but this has to change. EVERY SINGLE MATCH, look at the top players, they are always ALWAYS PC players. This isn’t a level playing field, and has me ready to step away already. The game is popular enough that the option wouldn’t break either community, so PLEASE stop screwing console players like this.

Just give us the option to choose which ecosystem we want to play in. For those who don’t care, they’ll never think of it again. For those that do, it harms no one to give us customized player pools based on input method and hardware type.


I 2nd this 343 please let us disable crossplay.


I play on PC but use controller. If you want it changed, it should be input based, not platform based. You’re basically assuming everyone on PC is using MKB, which I guarantee you isn’t the case.


Well, both would be ideal. Other games, such as Splitgate have done this. I think it’s the best option for games that can survive splitting their community.


What’s the point of doing both? Making it do both is a little unnecessary imo, if both sides are using controller for instance, then why exactly would making cross platform an option also be necessary?

Also, you can use MKB on Xbox, you do know that right?

There is an option to disable crossplay.

  1. Enter the Ranked Arena
  2. Switch the hopper to Solo/Duo Queue
  3. Select control input

This gives you the option of crossplay, controller only or MnK only

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I’m pretty sure he means for across the board in social. Personally I don’t really mind crossplay or both inputs being present at the same time, but I can understand how some people would want this in a Ranked mode.

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This seems to only apply to ranked matches though, correct?

Well it is a Beta afterall. I agree the option should exist for all playlists.

I was under the impression that everyone thought the option didn’t exist at all.


because PC games also have a notoriously bad cheating community, so just changing the input method isn’t perfect for separating yourself from that element entirely.

But this is getting bogged down in needless details. Just let us have the option, like nearly every other online competitive shooter.


oh yeah, for sure. If this was the final release, I may not even have voiced my opinion on it, I just would play until it was too much to bear and walk away. But this seems like the best time for us to voice our frustrations, so they KNOW what we want, where we feel they can do better. But like, Battlefield? I played the new one, saw what they wanted to do, and decided to walk away. I don’t see that one changing, but I feel like 343 at least listens. Especially with how quickly they made changes to XP progression, even if it didn’t hit the mark for everybody.


You know there are other types of controllers than Xbox One and Mouse Keyboard, right? MCC has made it impossible for anyone to use 3rd party control types, because they don’t count as a controller NOR mouse keyboard. Meanwhile, I’ve been using Hori mouse controller hybrid for years in fps because it’s objectively the best of both worlds, stick and mouse. Don’t ruin the game for everyone just because you are bad at your controls you chose to use. You can use mouse on Xbox too. Plug one in. It works. Also, people that have disabilities play with special controllers as well. Options for match preference is fine, but don’t convince 343 to force it so people that use neither have to suffer too.

I don’t really mind the cross play as i do perfectly fine most of the time. My only issue is how the game can’t take full advantage of my series x’s super fast ssd because i am stuck waiting for other players on xbox one to load for 5 minutes after it says i finished loading.

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Bad take. Most competitve shooters have this option because there is such a disparity, regardless of skill level. You’re just full of strawman arguments.


You’re just a standard controller user with bad reaction time and want a huge handicap. Plenty of competitive players with no issues

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Nope, Elite Series 2, finely tuned, though I’m still working a few things out for this game, so try again. Or better yet, don’t.

Edit: and I’m generally okay with my performance as well. Again, when nearly every top player is a PC player, you can’t say this is subjective. There is clearly an objective difference here.

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Standard controller with extra buttons, and still complaining you can’t get kills, sounds like it’s you, try harder. You already paid top dollar for an advantage over regular controllers and can’t win, hate the player not the game

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Yup, I’m pretty getting tired of it, we need an Input for Socials like Ranked, should be the main thing it launches with


Jesus yall sound like children at this point lol that said, I do play on controller and usually don’t have issues being on the high kill end in my games. Not to mention the controller/MKB issue in this game is overblown anyway. Both sides are arguing how the other input in too strong.

Sounds like it’s balanced to me in that case.

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Again, you’re assuming the players on PC are always using MKB. This is not the case for me and I have plenty of games where I’m the top slayer, I use controller on PC.