Can you guys Believe it!?

Halo 4 is in development… Let’s just remember that 10 months ago the least of our concerns was Halo 4.

I thought that the story of Master Chief was over. I was expecting a Halo movie next. Life was very plain and normal…

and then in june HALO 4 WAS ANNOUNCED!!! I WISH I RECORDED A REACTION VIDEO!!(Who else is with me on that?)

I mean wow, let’s just all look at the big picture… and here we are now guys, waiting for Halo 4 in 2012 :slight_smile:

It feels like it’s been 5 years…

Oh wait, it HAS! Slaps knee

I kinda knew they were working on this before E3 last year. It wasn’t that hard to figure out. They had a recruitment page that “Help build the future of Halo” Seriously. What other future was there? Not to mention there was the legendary ending of Halo 3 to help with that assumption.

It’s like you only just found out reading the OP XD

I thought Reach was going to be the last Halo game.

Thank god it isn’t.