can you guess the main theme for Halo 4 ?

after hearing all of the 15 samples of Halo 4 ost I think it would be Haven easily .

i was hoping the actual main halo theme would make a return but it looks like its not gonna happen.

To Galaxy.

I think Legacy would be a good replacement.

To Galaxy and Revival are just plain awesome, but Legacy reminds me the most of the original theme.

To Galaxy <3


Haven is too boring. It has to be 117 HANDS DOWN. Especially because another variation of it (You may see on youtube dubbed(Rising Beyond)) has monk chants in it and plays similar notes to Halo 3’s theme song.

I think to galaxy or 117 fits the role perfectly

This is one variation of 117 Now listen to that and tell me that it won’t be the theme song. It was ripped from one of the recent ViDocs. If it’s not the theme song I think my brain would just ploof.