Can you fix the server problem for nik50cent

Hello. i Have lost my connection to the game. Can u guys at 343industries please fix it for me. It says. THe halo 4 servers are done. bla bla bla. Please fix it guys! i will be so grateful!!!


I’m sure they’ll get right on that for you.

It has yet not been fixed. And it has been 3 days! :frowning:

Wadawd? What?

All you have to do is redownload your gamertag. I’ve had this problem in the past but once I recovered my name everything worked again. Hope this helps.

Well this is indeed a different post then others… But strangely humoring.

None the less try recover your gamertag. Reboot the router/modem.

If it aint working, wait an extra day or two… And if that doesn’t work. Contact support.

Thanks for the support. I’ll try what you guys say!

I tried rebouting it. But nothinh happened. It just continued! :frowning: what more do i need to do?

It may not be Halo 4, it’s more than likely your service provider. If you have an Arris router from Xfinity it probably has trouble with connecting. First contact your internet provider to see what they can to do so you can determine if the problem is Halo or not. My assumption is though that you can still connect to Live but not to Halo?

ok. ill try

Did you try recovering/redownloading your xbox live account?

Yes. nothing happened! :frowning: