can you do my a favor?

… is my spartan cool? honestly? it’s a dumb question but out of 10 would would you give it?

it’s a pretty cool Spartan… like an assassin… 100 out of 10

I hate to sound like a -Yoink-, but is seems like EVERY Spartan wearing the Locus helmet looks about the same.

Name off your armor pieces. Your profile icon is striking a pose that obscures a good bit of your armor.

i think he’s wearing locus and Fotus with scout shoulders?

you nailed it…

Helmet; Locus
Torso; Fotus
Left shoulder; Scout (gonna change it to Rouge)
Right shoulder; Scout (gonna change it to Rouge)
Legs; Fotus
Emblem; jolly roger
Backround; idk it came with FOTUS

Personally I’d say don’t go with the dark grey/black. It makes the spartans look like plastic action figures. Also the pose is extremely common.

im being a -Yoink-

i’m thinking of a silver and black or a silver and rust, just something dark and mysterious ya know?