Can you destroy your own core?

I was playing warzone when the other team captures all three bases and our core become vulnerable. Ok so I die and respawn in home base, when I see a team mate shooting at our own core!? Eventually I ran him over with a ghost, but it seemed like the cores health was going down, can you damage your core?

I don’t think so.

Nope. No way you can destroy your core. I wish 343 would give us that option to stop farmers. but wait, why even when you can still destroy the enemy core?

No. You betrayed your teammate for no reason. You cant blow your own core.

You can’t damage your own core, believe me, I’ve tried it while getting farmed.

Only way to do that is indirectly. And by that, it would mean teammates just letting the enemy team rush in and kill the core.

No. So betraying your teammates.

No, but on occasion I wish you could.

If only you can :confused: I don’t care if I get no points out of it if I was responsible for destroying it, I’d rather move on to the next game then being hunted down by a bunch of savages.

No you can not, that would be so cancerous

You would never be able to finish WZ or WZA b/c there would always be someone who would go blow it up

Nope, not possible.

Not at all.

No. It would be too troll. One teammate gets upset about something, and instead of quitting out of the match, he just blows the core. It wouldn’t go well.

Of course not!