Can you create a cosmetic progression better than a currency system?

Take out what Infinite is with its battle pass, or Halo Reach with its money-grind. Can you think of another way that keeps Halo’s cosmetics free, grinding, rewarding, and gameplay engaging? Gameplay engaging, meaning, still playing the game to your free choice.

My example would be to create rotational playlist challenges for each cosmetic. Challenges overhauled to body/headshot kills and medal counts to encourage playing freely and skill-gap. Also playing on specific maps to diverse the grind strategies. I would be more indept but that’s a whole new thread.

343i says they want to stray away from their battepass and challenge progression months ago, but nothing changed since. They probably got no better idea, so what can the community think of?

You remember Commendations from Halo Reach? What if they brought those back, but aside from earning xp from them, you could also earn cosmetics like armor, skins that pertain to the commendation.

Commendations were a decent addition, but some were very difficult to progress through at a reasonable pace to the point where I’d even prefer the current system over that.

The question becomes how do you disguise an overt grind as intrinsically fun?

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