Can you add on the side wins and losses plz?

Like on the side instead of saying how much armor you have unlocked can it say your total games played and your wins and loses plz.
I dont know if someone has brought this up in the past or made it a topic.

Asking NOT to be flamed is NEVER a good idea.

I always wondered why Reach stats didn’t have W/L via your in game record. You always have to come to this site or another to view it. Annoying -.-

I would like this and an accuracy rating for Halo 4.

Thats what I thought

I really think that all stats should be viewable in game. I really dont like coming on to bungie (or waypoint for future halos) just to see my full stats.

That would be awesome.

Im hoping for more post games stats and service Record stats then ever and maybe even able to choose what ones people see like kd- w/l - highest Rank - highest rank per playlist -total exp - exp per playlist - any others I forgot
Let us make it totally customizable