Can we, you know, actually play on AUS servers?

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So I literally haven’t played on an Australian serer for months.
I have no problem find a match with my fellow Australians - seems like there’s plenty enough of us in 4v4. But is there enough to you know, justify putting us in the servers that were made so that we could play the game in the way it was intended to be played?

Nah? Who cares about Australians, amiright? 'haha just chuck ‘em in the South East Asian servers, it’s basically all the same country west of Hawaii, haha lol.’

What can I say? Am I a fool for thinking that in 2020 people that live outside Europe and the America’s should be treated to the same quality of experience as their American and European friends?
Yeah. Yeah, I think I am. Microsoft and 343 still hate Australians. If you live in Australia, and are still considering buying Halo: Infinite, I’ seriously get your head checked. Might be filled with rocks.