Can we work on Custom choices

Ok I know almost every one want’s stuff in freaking MM changed but what about customs. The heart of the casual players.
Heres just a list of what we need changed for customs.

1.Forced species:Come on. In MM all the game force us to be Spartans. why can’t customs. This would make infection fun and it would just make sence
Example: A game where infected are elites and humans are Spartan. Elite Griff ball.
Right now:Infection is mixed in customs with no way of controlling it. and theres no way to make a all out elite griff ball.

2.Species pacific traits for invasion :In Firefight we have the power to give elites and spartans different traits yet not in invasion. Why? The game type sould have this ability in customs. (because this option is already in game all it needs is a update to go to invasion.)
Example:SPartans get over shields and run at 110%. Elites have no over shields but jump 200%.

These things would make customs go smoother and funner. do you agree.

(Also there were a lot of other things but these just seemed to be the most wanted or needed)

does no one agree