Can we tune the slayer rates in Team Skirmish?

I understand that there’s going to to be more slayers than anything else because while not every map supports every gametype, slayer can be played on every map.

Makes sense, and but it seems like an oversight. No one plays Skirmish for slayers. In fact if slayer was removed I don’t think it would affect the number of players in the playlist.

Can this be discussed and addressed?
I’m curious if there is anyone on the other side who enjoys the slayers in Skirmish?

Personally I think they need social slayer playlist and keep skirmish as an objective mode. Have slayer, regicide, head hunters, VIP, ect ect be in the slayer playlist and get oddball, ricochet and a few more objectives in skirmish.

They need to do more assault and ctf games in skirmish. All I ever seem to get is the one where you hold the nubs lol

Yes, I’m garunteed to quit if slayer at the Rig ever comes up in skirmish, because it’s going to happen. Every. Single. Time.