Can we talk about weapon and sandbox balancing?

The spwan weapons are way too versatile. AR being the all-rounder and winning in close to mid range against pretty much every other weapon except for SPNKR and sniper if you dont hit the head consistently. Other weapons, especially precision ones, will be thrown out of scope, because of the range of the AR and that makes them very hard to handle.

The pistol, if fired very fast, will even win against the AR and kill you almost instantly. It is also very effective against other precision weapons.

Other weapons like the cindershot and revenger will lose against AR. Shock rifle and skewer require point precision if you want to kill another player faster. And even if you win there is a good chance you’re no shield and a grenade or other player will finish you off.

In general every weapon feels like it’s either on par with the spawn weapons or worse. There is barely any incentive to even pick other weapons up.

This problem is also visible with vehicles, as these will get destroyed so fast by AR that you’re barely alive after driving for 1 minute. The warthog is completely useless because of this. Warthog, Ghost, banshee and chopper are also very weak and splattering has become almost impossible with these.

No those weapons don’t lose to the ar. What?

What are you talking about? The AR is not that powerful.