Can we talk about these wild bug fixes and how 343 has yet to fix them?

I’m talking about the six months that we have all experienced desync and crashes. It’s absurd to why 343 has not fixed this issue. I don’t know how hard it is to do create a solution to this but it’s very annoying and if I was a developer, bug fixes would be the first step before anything else. It makes the game not fun and rage provoking. Now that there’s gun jamming and messed up aim again, I’m considering going back to MCC and grinding MLG 2s until this game gets fixed. I wish Infinite could be so good, but it only is exhausting. I play in community tournaments and not many people in these competitive communities are staying with infinite. Now that the removing of skill jumps (it’s not a bug but still is rage infusing) has been thrown on top of everything, it only seems that 343 is really making it hard to please the community for themselves. I’m not saying they aren’t trying as they did add some things for the social side of things, but overall, this game is not good. It’s pretty broken and I have no idea how it made it to live service.

What you playing on?

Xbox Series X, desync is ofc everyone’s problem, crashes tend to be on PC more than xbox, but I still get them on xbox

The reason you’re not a developer is because if this is how you’d answer a question about prioritization then you’d never get hired.

But anyway yeah, Desync is still here and is still annoying, but I’ve experienced it far less in the last few weeks than when the game launched.

Go for it. I loaded into MCC last week and was pleasantly surprised. Had a lot of fun with some old campaign missions on Legendary. It’s a good time.

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My Series X had been hard crashing once a night pretty regularly. It usually doesnt happen more than that, but still not great.

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Yes, I’m not a developer and I’m not fit to be one. But bug fixes should be one of the priorities for your game. But saying that, I would want my game to have no problems before I focused on content

Yeah, I’m just scared of breaking my desk that is very fragile if I continue to play infinite in these conditions lol