Can we talk about the grenade spams? They need to tone down the sheer amount of grenades

I’ve played roughly 50 games and at this moment it feels to me like grenades are getting more kills than players actually shooting other players. I would suggest either you don’t start with grenades in your inventory and you have to pick them up as ground loot, or when you die you do not drop your grenades for someone else to pick up. A mix of both options would be to reduce the starting grenade count to 1 per person on respawn and 1 grenade dropped on death. I can’t be the only one who feels this way can I? To offset my 1 complaint; the gun play when uninterrupted by grenades feels amazing!!! Makes me feel like I’m on Halo 3 again(my personal favorite multiplayer).

P.S. I have had a few connection issues which I’m sure will be ironed out once this is no longer a brand new beta/multiplayer game.

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No friendly fire I think really hurts this. Ya some players don’t give a -Yoink!- about teammates but it feels -Yoink!- to melee each other and have a random nade under us and one of us somehow survives? It just breeds no consequence nade spam that does nothing but help teammates by creating little invincibility bubbles everywhere.

I think maybe map grenades can be dialed back a little but halo has always been pretty heavy on the nades imo.

That could honestly be part of it but between spawning with 2 and everyone dropping 2 when they there’s just too many

Ya a single grenade at spawn would be interesting to play around with.

I haven’t played much competitive (like 7 games) but nade spam seems less intense there with friendly fire on.

Maybe even the lack of aim assist and newer players leads to more aggressive nade use to get kills. Some of the maps too like the streets map are just built to drop nades into rooms on people- it’s very cramped feeling

Personally, yes the grenades NEED to be toned down. With ranked play and possibly leagues/tournaments on Halo infinite, there needs to be some actual gunplay. Noone’s gunna wanna watch a competitive tournament where grenades are the legitimate primary entry to every gun fight. Id run up some stairs and my body goes flying by 6 grenades and its ridiculous. I used to love Halo 3 and all the others ,but this multiplayer? I cant… i just cant. Too many damn grenades.

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Gonna be honest, I don’t notice there being any more grenade spam than usual. Older games you couldn’t turn corners for almost half a minute because nades would just keep hailing into your zone.


I do think single grenades would mostly resolve grenade spam (a persistent Halo problem, circa 2001).

Grenades tend to be two hit kills at most distances, thus when people throw one they throw all. If you only had one grenade to throw it would probably be reserved to cleanup a kill or flush out a camper to be cleaned up with the sidekick. Just a thought.

Homies complaining about nades when H3 is his favorite multi-player where you start with the same amount and can hold six at a time. In order for halo to be halo you need nades off spawn and you need to be able to scavenge them. Remember Halo 4?