Can we talk about how satisfying Kill Effects are?

This green wolf kill effect is the first I’ve gotten. Up until now my experience of kill effects was on the receiving end where one is mostly unaware it happened because you don’t really see it from a memorable angle. But from the perspective of the killer, it’s magnificent.

I played some Tac Slayer during my lunch break today and, by the rings, the Kill Effect was very satisfying. Especially in that gametype, and especially with the sfx. Now I’m bummed I didn’t get that pink petal one from last season cuz it’s aesthetically more my taste. But I’ll be keeping an eye out for future ones now, for sure.


I have the pink petal running one and killing one and it is very nice combo. You see players explode into flowers across the map.

When you -Yoink!-, petals come out of them.


They are WAY TOO LOUD!! It’s going to cause hearing damage if they don’t tone it down a bit


I agree, look cool but I just want to never hear those noises again

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Give us the ability to turn them down or even OFF

I find Kill effects are distracting I pretty don’t have them on my weapons

I totally agree, one of my favorite new features infinite added. Although if they tuned down the volume a bit that would be nice.

I only really like the one that makes you feel like your in a simulation program and not actually fighting a real war/combat situation.

All the visual effects are generally loud and ugly, so I leave them off…

Seems to be a general consensus that they’re too loud. But my sfx we’re quite subtle (pleasantly so). And I’m wearing headphones and everything. Is there a volume slider y’all have turned up?

Unless you mean like visually loud. In which case, idk, that’s kinda the point I think.

the noise need to go away, fighting a sweaty team with full wolf kill effects got obnoxious real quick.

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One of the people in my squad absolutely hates them for some reason.

Yup. This is so annoying and nobody asked for that change.