Can we talk about how odd some of the latest armor coatings are?

I get that there’s a high degree of subjectivity and personal preference in colour choices. But some of the latest combinations are straight up WEIRD.

  1. Like “Vampiric Touch” (MkVII) has a random splash of gold around the visor and the gloves, which to me really doesn’t go well with the grey and red.
  2. Couple of weeks ago we had “Foggy Rust” [MkVII] which had a nice white, but they dipped the spartan’s forearm in a dirty orange, blue AND yellow. Like dude, what’s going on there?
  3. Also really not a fan of that purple/pink coating for the Rakshasa core, in the store right now.

Some of the S1 coatings were much better - like Bleached Bone, Raffia wood, Scorpion Horvath, Limed Ash. At least these combinations made Visual SENSE.

For me - I’d really still like to see a full black, maybe slightly glossed, coating. The closest we have a Shadow Sorel, but that’s really more grey than black. We all hate the coating system I know, but still - what kind of colours/coatings are you guys hoping for?


I like that they are tinkering a bit outside the box.

What I would like is some more colour variations of the same theme. Eg. Foggy rust or Scorpions punch with different coloured arms.

You could even set up your team with variations of the same coating!

Oh, if we only had clans…


that’s a pretty cool idea. If only my friends were still playing :')

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Similar to the Lavender coating and the blue coating for AR ,BR, and Sidekick? Cause I’m on board. I’d say that 343 should do one of three things A) more free coatings B) more normal coatings in addition to some wacky ones, since someone will find a wacky one they like and C) add a “coating roulette wheel” that exchanges XP boosts for a random coating. This can be anything from normal solid color coatings to a harlequin (google Volkswagen Golf Harlequin for what I’m thinking of).


I just want a proper black and red coating. Not grey and red, not grey with a red arm, not black with tiny, tiny bits of red, just black primary colour and red secondary colour, like in Halo 5.


I don’t mind the Vampire Touch coating but I’ll agree the combinations are getting pretty weird, definitely reckon they need to start pushing proper coatings, and no
More Red & Blue coatings for the time being

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I am once again asking to speak with Halo Infinite’s art director. Turn on your location. I just wanna talk. I need to know what’s going on inside the brain of the person who is greenlighting all these visual crimes.

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That Rakshaza coating that’s solid red torso & helmet with black arms and legs looks like the dumbest lego-man-dipped-in-a-paint-pot colour scheme I’ve ever seen. I seriously miss primary & secondary colours right now.

Still atleast it has colour options, unlike the latest fracture core. Can’t wait till cross core fixes this nonsense

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Vampiric Touch isn’t too bad, but like a few other decent coats, it relies way too heavily on red and black. There’s like three coats that are primarily red and black in Season 2… The other two being Lava Bursts and Grassroots.

I’d like to see some better alternative’s out there. Flast Fjord was a good one that has a nice tasteful balance of white, blue and orange for instance. I’d like to see more in line with that, but just with more variety of colors.

This makes me really glad I picked up the Northwest Sky skin, a promo from the the Funko Pops. Giving me a clean Yellow and Blue Coat for my Spartan.

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When I look at the colors for people who don’t buy the battle pass, there is a good choice of Pastel colors, Hey, I’m a Spartan soldier I think I’ll wear my pastel baby blue sweater and my pastel green pants and a pastel pink belt … bloody ugly. too bad there is no Sea Foam green. There is only one explanation for why they did that, well maybe 2 reasons, either someone with very bad taste is making armor coatings and possibly color blind or it is a business decision. Mmmm

Hopefully, I didn’t insult anyone who likes the color Sea Foam, but seriously if you like Sea Foam green, you’re a terrible person… LOL


I legit made a post about Spartan nuggets. This is dead on. This is 100 percent the reason we need custom colors

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Honestly, the only reason why Armor Coatings aren’t all Cross-Core is because as they add more and more Armor Cores and armor pieces to the roster, that would mean that you have to detail the paintjob on ALL of those sets of armors.

For example, the Vermillion Fire / Vermillion Wrath / Vermillion Flame (the “Iron Man” paintjob) is on three Armor Cores already.

  • Mark VII
  • Mark V Bravo
  • Yoroi

Now that they have added two new Armor Cores with detailed textures, imagine having to not only add in at least 25 new Armor Coatings for the two new Armor Cores BUT you have to also apply those 25 new Armor Coatings to the three previous Armor Cores AND the already existing Armor Coatings would have to also be textured to the two new Armor Cores.

The result is a lot of work for an already understaffed studio.
As someone who has been dealing with being understaffed for the past two-&-a-half years; I am glad I am not in production but rather in the security department.

Hopefully when 343 is able to someday get more stable staffing, we will see all pre-existing Armor Coatings applied to all Armor Cores as a universal cross-core item.

And that might also be the reason why we have not seen cross-core done yet for things such as helmets.
Because you would have to apply a new texture color scheme for each helmet as you have to make it so the helmet matches up with each Armor Coating.

Talk about a lotta work.

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It’s almost like, 343; the work is willing to be done by the players!

(Snarky at 343, not you. You’re nice Bambi Bambino lol)

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343, for the longest time, refused to hire Halo fans and ex-Bungie devs (except when contracting out Certain Affinity for the past decade I suppose).

A hiring rule that has supposedly been dropped.
So hopefully we will see more fans added to the dev team and providing much needed love and care to the work process.
Quality assurance of a franchise we all hold dear.

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:frowning: fr tho they wrecked the stone green coating with that all white helmet

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As a Green enthusiast, Sea Foam is kinda trash



That really explains why they’ve been making decisions that are SO out of touch with what fans want… Whatever made them think it was a good idea?

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Makes sense. But honestly, even if they implemented it progressively (say, for the next drop pod, a couple of coatings from mark VII for another armor core like Rakshasa) - dude, that would be rad and indicate to the fans that real progress is being made. Tangible progess. I don’t know why that sense of progress is so ELUSIVE in this game.

They should really have released Infinite end 2022.

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Mate - agreed whole heartedly. I hate that coating so much. I don’t understand why anyone thought it was a good idea.

Honestly the coating system sucks so bad, but if they at least provided really good looking coatings, I don’t think we’d have much to complain about. But a good proportion of the existing coatings are plain hideous.

A bad decision compounded on another bad decision.