Can we talk about how atrociously imbalanced BTB is randomly?

Everyone knows by this point, but the chaotic nature of BTB is dialed up to 11 in this game. The argument that it shouldn’t be competitive since its social is not a valid one, because BTB has always been a playlist that teams frequent to match other teams, etc. But there are some real issues that need addressing because it doesn’t just mess with the competitive element of BTB, it ruins the CASUAL side of it as well. You give a bad team good weapons and they might can at least put on a good show against a good team with bad weapons, but if you flip that and give a good team good weapons and the bad team bad weapons, you’re going to see war crimes. Let’s address the top 3 issues and how to fix them:

  1. Weapon spawns should be equal. One side shouldn’t get a disruptor and the other a shock rifle. I played multiple games tonight on Deadlock where my team got a single stalker rifle and the enemy team got TWO shock rifles. That’s just one problem with the weapon spawns, because one side shouldn’t get commandos and the other BRs. The two sides of the map HAVE to have either symmetrical weapon placement or a close enough comparison that its not lopsided.

  2. Weapon and Vehicle drops are atrociously bad. It’s absurd that one side will get a scorpion at a game changing moment and the other side will get a chopper or a mongoose etc. It JUST KEEPS HAPPENING too, and it’s not just me that notices this, lots of people are calling attention to it. The weapon drops are the same problem, they create so much randomness and don’t add any actual quality to the match. Weapons dropping from the sky is fine, but it should be predictable and evenly distributed. Its crazy for a random person to just get a free rocket launcher or camo without anyone knowing. In a match against another team, it can throw away any semblance of strategy or balance. At least with Halo 4’s killstreak style drops you EARNED them by playing better. In this game its just luck of the draw. Both these things can easily still be in the game, but they need to be even and fair, not random.

  3. There’s not enough ammo on the maps, since weapons don’t spawn freely and are sparsely distributed. This is most apparent when you have a good option that is something you should have spawned with in the first place, like a BR or Commando. The start of every match and the majority of the time spent in the match is devoted to finding weapons. 12 people scrambling for the single BR at the base is not the ideal way to design a game mode.

All of these would be solved or alleviated if BTB was BR starts.

Edit: also let’s talk about fixing the INSANE glitch where the seeds get stuck in the AA gun. We played for 40 MINUTES and my friends and I all got nearly 100 kills a piece, DESPITE HAVING NO SHOCK RIFLES OR BRS ON OUR SIDE. Also the enemy team got two tanks and a WASP. WHAT IS THIS. The timer also doesn’t end in that mode, so we had to sit in the game scrambling to steal the last power seed from each other’s base, which takes like half an hour to do for some reason. This is the 3rd time this glitch has happened in the last few weeks lol.