Can we stop complaining about H4 complaining?

Seriously its time to put aside our radically differnt views and work on comprimises. Is it possible to have honest conversations about the game without blowing some one off (YES it happens but not as often as it should). I under stand there are emotions involved but that just means you love the game in your own way. There are a lot of differnt opinions and no one is going to agree with all of them completely.

The best solution is to talk it out. This will benifit both partys to a degree. If you cant do that maybe you shouldnt reply at all and go to a differnt thread or just start your own. Every one wants a enjoyable experiance in Halo 4 there is no reason they cant have it. Do your best to put up with sarcastic posts by asking why they think that? and share your views with them. No one is right 100% of the time on every little detail but every one is right to a degree (well unless its a lie).

I know this is a lot to ask for and most people will just ignore it completely. For the handful of people that get this thank you and I hope it makes a tiny difference in future conflicts for you.

Threads like this, while noble in theory, really just add fuel to the fire. If you want to stop complaining, stop contributing to it.