Can we still get the s152 coating in halo infinite?

Can we still get the 152 coating in halo infinite ?
Can’t find anything in it.

What’s the end date of it ? I would like to know that because i would like to grind the last 50% of it if we can still get it.


If I recall correctly, it’s still possible to obtain the Watchdog Coatings and the unlock process should be done automatically when you reach SR152.


Hope it will still be there by the end of the year… wish 343 could be more clear about this. I’ll just go for it then i guess


It’s definitely still obtainable.

I’m also curious if the Timmy helmet is too. (50 hours of custom games).

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You can still obtain the Timmy Helmet, better get them 50 hours up

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It’s been over 1 month since I reached SR152 in Halo 5 and I still don’t get any rewards in Halo:Infinite.

It’s a shame honestly, but the 152 coating genuinely looks bad. I grinded about a year for it believing it’d be worth the time, but honestly it wasn’t.

Did you ever get your unlocks? Thinking about finally finishing my 152 grind

Looks rubnish to be fair. Im 9 levels behind if and i dont really care anymore now that I have seen it.