Can we still 3D print our spartans?

I really wanted to get a 3d printed spartan but when I go to the cusomizcustom tab and click the link it brings me to a page that says, “PROBLEM DETECTED Well, this is embarrassing. Looks like we have some problems on our end.” So I assumed that maybe Sandboxr changed the link making this one dead andai went to there website but was redirectes to WhiteClouds and upon further inspection it turns out that Sandboxr was bought by WhiteClouds and they shut down Sandboxr and so I messaged them asking about the 3d printed spartans and I still haven’t received a response but on their website it says, “Need a towering transformer character, a life-size Lara Croft, or a giant Halo 5 video game character?” and they have images of the one that Sandboxr did on their website but I really wanted to make 100% sure that I could get a non-giant version. So, I went ahead and filled out their Quick Estimate option, it should be noted that I didn’t fill it out for a Halo figure but instead for a Stubbs the Zombie figure that would be modeled after the front cover where he is about to eat a guys brain (I wanted an 8 inch tall figure of him by the way) because I’ve always wanted a figure of him but the only one I can find is a custom Pop on eBay for $170ish but back to the point, they sent me an email back saying, “Thank you for reaching out to Whileclouds. I am sorry, but we no longer offering smaller scaled custom 3d prints. We are only taking on lage scale sized models that start around $5000.” This was very dissapointing to me because for one I don’t have a spare $5,000 to waste, $10,000 for both Stubbs and my Halo 5 character, and two I don’t want a huge figure because I don’t have anywhere to put it…it would be cool though kind of like the Emile statue at 343’s headquarters. But I was wondering if anyone knew if 343 was going to partner with another company or maybe get WhiteClouds to make an exception to their only large scale models? I really hope that they do something about this because I’ve always wanted one and the only thing that was stopping me was that I wanted to change my gamertag before hand so that I could have that on my sparan, instead of my very generic one that I have had since I was 9 years old (in case I’ve changed it after posting my genaric one was MASTERCHIEF7270), and I had finally decided upon one but now I’m afraid that it was all for naught :frowning:

Hey OP, we have a thread open for this here:

It looks like Sandboxr have indeed stopped making custom Halo 5 spartan renders. While it is unfortunate, there’s probably not really much that can be done right now. 343 would need to source another company to work with and integrate that API to work with Halo 5’s systems, with focus being on Infinite right now that’s not likely to happen. Perhaps closer to Infinite’s launch it’s something they might revisit.