can we somehow nerf Plasma Grenades?

Against vehicles especially

yes, i know the best way to counter Plasma spam is to stay at range, but because everyone also has the Plasma pistol along with them, and because every gunner i find can’t find any targets unless they’re right in front of us, it a little difficult

im still thinking that the best nerf is to allow people to spawn with Only ONE Plasma grenade, not two

(also, the plasma pistol, Before H4 was released, People said that the Pistol had terrible tracking, and the EMP was short, now it looks like nothing changed about it)

i’m not crying about this, but it’s annoying

I hate it as well. Stay out of vehicles in BTB because of it.

However, I think the true problem isn’t the stickies themselves, just the Plasma Pistol. It shouldn’t be off spawn, it’s ridiculous. Wheelman does a lot, but not enough against one persistent PPer (or a squad of them >.>). And Wheelman doesn’t even affect the Mantis! The Mantis is completely and utterly rendered useless by PP!

Even Warthogs, Ghosts, and such all are more weak to PP rather than stickies, because, as you said, one can keep his distance. However, a Plasma Pistol barrage stops one in his/her tracks to be killed (normally by stickies) but in any way possible.

Just Give us 1 per loadout, and 2 Pulse grenades instead

Nerfing the magnetism by 10% would make it harder to stick things except at really close range. So that would be good. Lets be honest, if you get in that range, you deserve to get stuck.


> Just Give us 1 per loadout, and 2 Pulse grenades instead

Nerf its homing ability. Make it a map spawn item and/or limited to 1 in loadout.

The plasma pistol might have had an unexpected effect with loadouts.

I don’t think 343i thought that it could turn a BTB game into a giant foot battle, since vehicles get taken out so quickly.

“Just Give us 1 per loadout, and 2 Pulse grenades instead”.

Nerfing the amazing sticking ability the Nades themselves have would be fine by me.

Oh, and you could give me the choice of 1 Frag, 1 Plasma and 15 Pulse Grenades and I think I’d still choose a Frag ; )

No dont nerf plasmagrenades just because people cant get free killingspree with vehicles.