Can we remove Launch Site from Fiesta rotations?

The map is clearly designed for asymmetrical team matches.

And on Fiesta it is the most unbalanced mess.

My last match we lost because the enemy team got a Scorpion and Wraith and kept us spawning in the side of the map that has no power vehicle spawns and we got unlucky weapon spawns.

The map is literally only good for Assymetrical CTF and Slayer.


I like it. Its fun destroying the vehicles and if i’m up against a Scorpion i figure out ways to be stealthy and take it out.


How about all rotations. I can count on one hand the amount of slayer matches I’ve played on that map where people actually got enough kills to end the game before the time limit expired. The map is just not a good battle space.


I would be perfectly fine if I never played launch site ever again.


Honestly I was massively disappointed by Launch Site when I first played the Insider pre-launch. The loading screen revealed the Sabre fighter and I was all giddy and thinking “oooooooooooohh!!! we are getting a remake of Countdown from Halo Reach!!!”.

And then the map loaded and I was like… … … eh… its a good map… for you know… assymetrical CTF… maybe FFA slayer… … Assault… … KotH… … … … but not much else.

and now ffa is gone. sad times.

It will return eventually.

Honestly 343 should only ADD playlists and not remove them.


While I do find the random vehicle spawns to be fun I do agree that this map is not well suited for anything other than one flag CTF or other round-based objective games. It does not work well like High ground from H3 did for multiple game types.

Even when the vehicle spawns don’t absolutely screw over one side all it takes is for the team that’s on the Launchpad side to get snipers to just stop the other team from ever moving forward and doing anything. I’ve had that happen several games as well as the size of that map making matches run 2 to 4 minutes longer than usual. Yeah that’s what I want more time on my least favorite map not having fun.

I love it because of the unbalanced asymmetrical nature.

If you don’t get the vehicle spawns then play stealthy to take them down. Once done you’ll have the upper hand.

I find I win more when we don’t get the vehicles.

Good map, lots of variables.

Can we just remove it all together, I’d rather play on Molten from Halo 5 then get another match of Launch Site

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I rather keep it in but that’s just my opinion.

I’d rather have Countdown come back.

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I don’t mind Launch Site at all. In fact, I might even like it.

I do not enjoy it when the other team gets a tank and a wraith and a wasp, but honestly those matches don’t happen enough to make it upsetting. They happen just enough to be interesting.