Can we please wear any Helmet and Coating on any Core?

We already know that the framework supports coatings on any core, and have seen it occur on bot players. We also know that the same is true for all armor parts (which can also be seen on bots), and while I understand that more close-fitted armor pieces like wrist and knee armor might not work cross-core, the helmets are all variably scaled and fitted and should pose no issue between cores. I see no reason I shouldn’t be able to use the Aviator helmet on the Mark V core, or the Air Assault helmet on the Mark VII core.

I can forgive restrictions for more bespoke and unique cores like the Yoroi core, but Mark V and Mark VII are so similar that I see no excuse!

I also echo the sentiments of other players who want to see a more customizable and consumer-friendly Coating system, but I’m trying to be moderate here and ask the bare minimum.