Can we please have the option to cycle grenades and equipment on controller ASAP

Keyboard and Mouse has the option to switch grenades and equipment on a single button and I would prefer this than the directional combos we currently have. I can’t see an option for it anywhere unless I’m mistaken?


The little submenu is so unneeded.

In the campaign it actually does make sense, but in multiplayer, you can only hold 4 grenades anyways. It’s just arbitrary.

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Yeah its annoying having to check what other grenades I have when I want a different one, sometimes ya dont have time to look…

It’s kinda annoying but after countless hours in campaign I have gotten very used to it.

I can’t get used to it. It’s fine if the grenades are there otherwise I end up turning on my flashlight or entering the equipment menu…

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That happened to me a lot during LASO aha.