Can we please have the Campaign Co-op fixed

I have been wanting to play any part of MCC with my little brother, especially the campaign. But when we try to play it we have a few things that happen:

  1. If we try with skulls, the level doesn’t load and we get kicked from the server
  2. If we dont, we get about half way through the level before the server dies on us
  3. If we play Halo 4, half of the world doesn’t render properly then we get lag spikes like no tomorrow

Please fix this, because if it seriously continues with ODST, my honest opinion is that I believe a whole bunch of people are just going to give up on halo

I’m still having issues with online co-op as well. When trying to load the level “Gravemind” in Halo 2 while playing with my friend online, it always force quits the MCC. When we go to play Halo 3 co-op, most of the time it runs like a slideshow for the person not hosting. I do really want the MCC to be the definitive way to play my favorite series of all time, but between these issues and the fact that I still can’t watch any of the Halo 2 terminals I have unlocked truly saddens me.

I know that multiplayer is a massive focus, but all of us single-player guys are out here too. I’m looking forward to any future updates and I’m still excited for Halo 5 this fall.

My friend and I have lag spikes or frame rate drops (not 100% sure which one) during every co-op match since launch. It’s not on any one game or mission, it’s all the time during every co-op match.