Can we PLEASE have Doubles permanently?!?!

Halo 5 maps are great for 2v2. Please start doubles and keep it around!

They need to add it to suffice all sized parties. Many times I only have 1 other person to play with and going into 4v4 or BTB with only one other person in which you can communicate with is almost a guaranteed loss. They have game types for solo, medium, and large parties, but not small? C’mon 343. Doubles is one of the most desired competitive playlists and you’ve completely neglected it.

Yes please.

> Doubles will be back regardless. I like it because it’s the simplest way to teach perpetual randoms the effectiveness of teamwork.

> Doubles was a voting option last week. Lost to Rumble Rockets. Right now we’re sticking to increased XP on weekend playlists.
> A number of things. Population, engagement, etc Not just winning the vote multiple times.
> It did ok but in my opinion, we can make a better Doubles than what went live a few weeks ago. @quinndelhoyo