Can we please get rid of the garbage comeback mechanic?

Get out your tinfoil hats, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

I have never won a game where we were leading at the beginning. The enemy team always seems to turn the tides, because their spawns will simply become better. This also goes both ways. We were getting clapped by a premade 4 in ranked. Once they hit 15 kills, we started spawning near power weapons, near low health enemies, surrounding low health enemies. We had 0 communication. It didn’t matter because if they killed us near rockets, we would spawn with lines of sight and immediately finish them off, securing rockets. These are the most obvious examples I’ve seen, but so far, 100% of my games have had this happen.

I am 100% convinced weighting shift that happens once Team A has a lead, which gives Team A have the most inconvenient spawns and Team B the most optimal ones. If you’re not convinced there is a mechanic in place, here is how to make it happen for different gamemodes, from my observations:

  • Slayer: First to 15 kills will be marked as ‘leading’
  • CTF: First to 2 flags will be marked as ‘leading’
  • Oddball: First team to win a round will be marked as ‘leading’
  • Territory: First team to 25% of the points will be marked as ‘leading’

What it does
Having the lead will essentially give you worse spawns, and give better spawns to the non-leading team. I suspect 343 put this in because their Trueskill implementation might not be as on point as they have lead to believe, making games much closer artificially. Spawn control seems to have absolutely no effect on this.

If you’re in the lead, you will spawn far away from objectives and power weapons. Think the opposite of the map or in the back of your base.

If you’re behind, once you lose a fight, you will spawn surrounding the enemy. You will spawn practically next to the objectives/power weapons.

How I found out
In Aquarus, a CTF game in the smack middle of the map, in the hallway. Our 2 flag carriers trade, then immediately everyone dies due to grenade explosions. 4 dead on Team A, 4 dead on Team B. Seems fair right? Both flags are down middle, everyone is dead. We should all spawn at a similar distance, right?

Nope. Team A had the first 2 points, so naturally team B spawned near middle sides, on top and on ground level. Team A spawned in the back of the base. Team B immediately grabbed the flag, and ran it, while other Team B members naded their flag, rendering it impossible to get as Team A. During the rest of the game, more shenanigans occurred. Team B spawning around us after Team A won a teamfight, being able to grenade and mop up kills, while our team consistently spawned in the back of the base. Every single time. We eventually lost, because every time we killed one, they would spawn behind us, while every time one of us died, we couldn’t help because we were either at the back of the base, or on a side on the ground floor, immediately dying to enemy fire.

Then, the exact same thing happened in another game. We lost the first 2 flags, and wouldn’t you know, we would always spawn in the most inconvenient way possible to the enemy. Lost a teamfight? Doesn’t matter I can see them as soon as I spawn. We dropped their flag mid? Doesn’t matter I spawned right next to it and grabbed it.

A comeback mechanic has no place in an arena shooter. Please get rid of it, I’d rather win or lose by skill than by getting carried by spawns. We should promote consistent skill over feel good comeback mechanics.


This makes sense. We were clapping a team 240 to 20 in the control gamemode. They ended up getting to 248 before we managed to flip it back. They kept spawning perfectly near the points while we were off in bum -Yoink!- nowhere.

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i cant imagine this would be an implemented thing, it just wouldnt make sense for competitive play. but i would like to hear from a dev if this is actually going on. i personally havent experienced this.

I doubt any dev lurks the forums, too busy fine tuning the cash shop. :frowning: