Can we please get real purple and teal?

To be completely honest, I am getting a bit tired of this severe lack of colour customization. I get it, full body armour and emblem customization would hinder 343’s precious “60 FPS,” which ironically enough, is not even at a constant 60. But for Christ’s sake, for the love of God, can we just get a damn colour WHEEL already?! Why do we even have this bogus colour palette crap? Why not make it like Halo Online, and make it so that there is a colour wheel to select armour primary, secondary, and light colour.

And while we’re at it, make the undersuits and random white/coloured detailing colourable. I hate having to wear a certain skin so I can avoid having random yellow on it, and the undersuits just suck how they are currently.

They should have about 256 color options, I mean that’s what I grew up with when using old fashioned Crayolas.