Can We Please Get a Rejoin Option if We Crash Out of Ranked

Can we please get some way to rejoin a ranked match if we DC or our game crashes. every now and then my game just closed without warning and it would be very convenient to be bale to rejoin. In casual playlists I understand no rejoin but ranked is a different story. Why do I and my team have to get punished if my game crashes.


I’d love this…
Was playing on Steam in Rannked, and I’ve had the game crash SEVERAL times. My PC is a beast, and it shouldn’t be happening, but whatever. The problem is, when I crashed, it would derank me by about half a tier. After it happened twice in a row, I got a temp ban.

At the time, I switched over to my Series X and had no issues, but I’ve since uninstalled the Steam version and reinstalled it via the Xbox app on PC, and haven’t had any problems… but I remember wishing that I could relaunch the game and rejoin to preserve my rank.

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