Can we please fix server disconnects

Loosing connection during BTB is becoming a major frustration for me and its beginning to ruin the game. Especially when trying to complete challenges. I know I am not the only one experiencing this especially after seeing all the posts on reddit. Quick Match, Bot Battle, and Ranked all work perfectly fine however as soon I jump into BTB both solo or with friends I get kicked with the lost connect to server notification at least 2 out of 5 games. Its not my console so lets just put that theory to bed right now. I have a brand new Series X and I had the same issues on my Xbox One as well. If it was a console issue it wouldn’t be limited to BTB. Thought that the update that came out yesterday would fix it but happened again last night, one of the times the game just straight locked up and sent me back to the home screen.

Rant complete


I have just started with Halo, but my husband has spent a lot of time with the game, over the years. He said that during a BTB on Tuesday night, the screen on the X-Box froze for a few seconds. He was about to quit out when it started again. He doesn’t normally talk much about what he’s been up to in games, but he told me all about this one. The reason was that he was in one of those warthogs, that don’t have a gun on it and had team mates in the vehicle. They drove off a cliff. He was remarking how the rest of the team must have been cursing him out for driving while drunk.

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