Can we pick our Spartan proportions?

Looking at Jorge makes me sad. If we could pick our Spartan size proportions in a system like: Spartan II, Spartan III, or Spartan VI. Since their sizes vary it would be a good idea to use that as a way to measure our multiplayer Spartan proportions.


But then we’d get a hundred more topics opened up about how “small Spartans are harder to shoot behind that object, while Jorge-sized Spartans are sticking out like a sore thumb.”


Honestly it was the same issue with the Elites in Multiplayer and nobody cared


Hmm. Maybe that’s why they have been gone for a long time now?


Nah I just think 343 is too lazy to include that feature at release.


And make you a larger/smaller target, throwing balance off.

But it was a massively divisive point.

I can’t speak for Halo 2, but Halo 3’s elites had high shoulders and low heads making head shots from certain angles very difficult to pull off. Pair that with a no-clip neck and they raised plenty of controversy in that title especially in ranked play.

Hell, even Bungie set them aside in their own gamemodes in Halo Reach, and balanced them accordingly for it.

343 should add female spartans to the game. But adding bigger and smaller spartans to the multiplayer will cause a lot of problems. I know I will be making my spartan as small as possible if that ever happens. :laughing:


343 could just do what IW did in MW2019 where every character has the same hit box no matter the model size

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There’s multiple solutions to this.

  • Everyone has the same hitbox no matter the size.
  • It’s down to players if they want the disadvantage for larger Spartans.
  • Ranked is one size only for fair play.
  • The smallest size could be what we currently have.

I still advocate for a PSO2 style cross slider for height and weight etc.

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I’m 100% down to play a dwarf Spartan but that doesn’t make sense in both a game perspective and a lore perspective.

Like it or not, Spartans are all about supersoldiers, the peak of humanity. Dwarfs won’t even be considered for UNSC ODST, let alone Spartan programs.

We can have large bois like Jorge, though it will just open a can of worms regarding balance based on hitbox detection and people will gradually shift away from largeboiz if they wanna keep themselves harder to hit.

So the most logical decision is just have the same sized Spartans heightwise and silhouette wise, then allow some physique changes that don’t affect the outline too much. (Still waiting for the feminine bodies 343, take your time)

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Not that I really care what size my spartan is, but this really seems like something that might come along down the road. You know, like when the game has been out for more than 6 months? I’d much rather they focus on other things first.

I’d probably make my Spartan large, unless there was a challenge or something I really wanted to get finished.

Didn’t the Spartan-IV program let more average-sized people become Spartans?

I’d like to see that.
The current sliders aren’t great.

Obviously talking about the extreme cases of dwarfism here

Like this?

Lmao it’s even funnier when the Storm Rifle is the actual size.

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