Can We Not Just Have Normal Team Snipers

Why can’t we just have a normal snipers playlist? I tried it for the first time since I heard the reviews were poor… and man, were people right. Played an Aquarius Bulldog/Sniper right out the gate… really? I mean, basically nobody even tried to snipe, and why would you when it’s basically a CQB map? Then Skewers with Manglers on Bazaar? It’s basically just a Manglers mode with opportunity for a freebie one-hit Skewer if you see the other person first. I guess it’s kind of fun to practice Skewer but again, having a really good secondary defeats the whole point of Snipers.

Not to be Mr. Nostalgia, but remember Team Snipers on like Hang 'Em High or like Headlong? Man, I loved those modes.

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