Can we have weapon loadouts please

Long read ahead. Starting every game with the same 2 weapons and grenade type is getting boring fast. Its throttling the weapon diversity in the game and if you are not good with these weapons handicapping your ability to play the game.

I propose a simple loadout system;

You can select a primary weapon and a secondary out of a different selection of weapons in the game. You can choose what grenade type you start with and even spawn with a piece of equipment already to go

PRIMARY WEAPONS - these are the main weapon that you will be using to fight with, so offer variety of playstyle options. Primary weapons include:

  • MA40 AR
  • Pulse Carbine
  • BR75
  • VM78 Commando
  • Shock Rifle
  • CQS48 Bulldog
  • Stalker Rifle
  • Heatwave
    These weapons all offer a range of Playstyles options. Maybe you like to play more Close-mid range with the AR. Maybe you like extreme close range with the bulldog. Maybe you enjoy sitting back and sniping with the stalker rifle. Point is, you can jump into a match and immediately play how you want, fulfilling the fantasy of that playstyle.

SECONDARY WEAPONS - these are the ‘off’ weapon to your primary. Not intended to get kills by themselves but finish off low health opponents instead of reloading your primary, or offer utility options to help your playstyle. Secondary weapons include:

  • MK50 Sidekick
  • Mangler
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Disruptor
  • Needler
    These weapons all are ‘pistol’ type weapons. They once again offer and compliment a variety of playstyles when combined with your primary. Maybe someone who wants to play a shotgun close range playstyle may want to take the mangler for that high close range damage. Or maybe someone who prefers some utility may want the plasma pistol to remove your enemies shields before you finish them off with your primary. Point is these weapons serve as a complimentary addition to your loadout and can fill in some gaps where your primary lacks.

All other remaining weapons in the game are classified as power weapons and will Only be obtainable from in the game as they currently are. These are already strong weapons with most of them being able to insta kill so it feels fair that they are rare and scattered through the match.

GRENADES - tbh i dont know all of the different exact grenade types in the game so this is jusy whatever i can remember from playing and ideas for other grenade types of which i will put a * next to to denote an idea

  • standard explosive grenade
  • spike grenade
  • static/electric grenade
  • anti vehicle grenades*
  • poison grenades*
  • smoke grenades*
  • sticky grenade*
    Allowing different grenade types again further allows you to choose what grenade benefits your playstyle or maybe you decide depending on what map u r on. As a sniper player maybe you want the sticky grenade so you can stick it to a wall behind you to stop someone just walking up behind you while you are scoped in and instantly killing you. Maybe you want the smoke grenade to stop that enemy sniper from being able to see your position as you cross open space in the map

EQUIPMENT - these are all the gadgets you can currently pick up. Im proposing they be chosen in your loadouts rather than scattered around the map.

  • grapple
  • barrier shield
  • overshield
  • cloak
  • dodge/dash
  • ive probably forgotten other ones
    And once again you as the player can decide what equipment benefits you. As a close range player you may want to take the overshield to give you that extra durability when in the enemies face, or maybe you may want the cloak to allow you to get close enough to the enemy without them taking you out. As a sniper player maybe you will want the grapple so you can get onto high grounds easily and take positions. Again this is about giving the player choice and providing complimentary playstyles options

Have you ever played a Halo game before? I can’t see any on your service record if this is your gamertag. Halo is an arena shooter, which means that everyone has the same start and has to find equipment around the map. It’s been like this since 2002. The only Halos to try and change this were Reach (which mixed loadouts with map drops) and 4 (which mixed loadouts with map drops and killstreak drops). Loadouts were rejected since they clash with the core identity of Halo.


Remember how well this worked in H4?
Pepridge farm remembers


…Boring fast? I’m sorry, what? Go and pick up another weapon. If you want a loadout system, you’re going to have to go to Halo 4.


Hard, hard disagree. Custom loadouts breaks halo’s combat loop and is the primary reason that halo’s 4 and 5 are considered the worst in the series. I think 343 has done an absolutely fantastic job responding to the criticism of the direction they were heading with those games, and balanced old and new mechanics (like sprint, sprint is actually good now!) very well. There is plenty of opportunity to pick up weapons around every map.


I understand that Halo’s arena style setup may not be to everyone’s taste, but standardized starting weapons are part of the core DNA of Halo. I also get that ‘that’s the way it’s been done’ isn’t often a good reason for continuing to do something a certain way, but in this case, I think it is.

OP, I like how much thought you put into your idea, but I just disagree that it’d be a good thing for Halo Infinite. When Forge comes out, I’m sure something like what you’re proposing will be possible. Maybe it could be a limited time mode, or maybe just something for custom games. But for regular Halo Infinite? I think the standard starting weapon approach is the way to go.


You lot ever wondered why halo has never been mainstream? Yeah thats probably the reason. You are designing the game for halo players, rather than the wider playerbase which is the goal of this game

No other halo is f2p, no other halo is crossplay with other platforms. Its time to stop thinking small.

They are developing this game for more than just you. You were always going to play it regardless. They are trying to get halo to be mainstream for people that dont play it. They want this game to compete with cod and battlefield. weapon diversity is the biggest starting point for that.

To a player who has never played halo this game does not work with the current weapon system in place. It may have worked in halo 3 but its 2021, times have changed and the game needs to evolve. They need to change stuff if they want this game to actually be successful

It might be un-popular but Halo 4 and 5 were really fun, regardless of the loadouts or whatever. I think those games are plenty fun. I think the guns and map options on 4, 5 were better than what we have in Infinite currently.

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Ok, if you don’t want to play Halo then why are you here? There’s plenty of other games that aren’t Halo.

I’m already pissed over the progression. If they make this game Call of Duty I’d gladly leave.


??? I do want to play it. Thats why i am here.

You just refuse to accept necessary change to make the game mainstream. No halo game has ever made it to mainstream gaming. Its always been a niche community, mostly of xbox players. This is a new generation and they need to build the game around that

You are the crotchety old manager who is angry at all the fresh blood being brought in trying to make changes that will help evolve the game

Bro what are you on? Halo has been mainstream for 20 years. Just because you want it does not make it necessary change. How does loadouts make it mainstream? Counterstrike doesn’t have loadouts and its been one of the most popular games in the world for decades and they have barely ever changed their formula.


HUH? I’m sorry, did you not see halo 2 or 3? like being some of the biggest game releases of all time. but yeah sure, not mainstream, totally not a good system


Halo has never been mainstream my dude :joy: maybe in your xbox bubble is has but in the wider gaming community halo has never been that big

This is the biggest halo has ever been, new game, on console, pc and steam, free to play.

The only people that bought halo before were people that enjoy halo.

You know what them going free to play is for? Its not to give all you already established halo fans a free game. Its to get new players who arent into halo, into it.

The battle pass grind issue is already proving too much for a lot of new players, the lack of weapon diversity isnt helping.

If you want people to stick around and make this game big then things need to change. If things dont change then expect halo infinite to be like every other halo game, forgotten after a few months by the mainstream gaming community. They will all just go back to cod and fortnite and whatever and the massive playerbase the devs were hoping for will diminish.

Long story short. If you want this game to succeed and be updated for years to come, you will accept changes that keep the average gamer coming back

You’re pretty much describing Halo 4. Most OG Halo players didn’t like that game because Halo at its core is ‘equal starts’. Call of Duty and Destiny 2 are games you’ll maybe like more as you can completely make your own loadout. Destiny 2 goes even beyond that with classes, subclasses and random rolls on weapons.


I think you just need to get out of your overwatch bubble or whatever you’re in, yes Halo hasn’t been mainstream for a while, but it was at one point one of the biggest games in the industry, going back to 3 and around then.
And what? you could say that about anything, “the only people who bought cod are people who like cod”, etc.
Yes, they did make it free to play to try and intice more players to try it, which will always work in some way, however being free to play causes its own problems, I for one would have much rathered it not be free, but that is just me.


Exactly my point

‘OG halo players’

This is what y’all need to understand.


If it was, would they need to make it free to play to get you to play it? No, you would have paid for it regardless. This game is being marketed for the average gamer. The devs want this to be the next fortnite, valorant etc.

Like i said, if the devs dont make changes to appeal to the casual playerbase they will just move on to something else or back to what they were playing before. All of which leaves halo back where it started, no evolution, no long term success as a franchise.

You can already see the cracks starting to erupt with regard to the battle pass drama.

and equally, “THE GAME ISNT MADE FOR YOU”.
You may find the usualy halo sandbox boring and thats fine, you just dont like halo.
But that does not mean the whole system that had worked for 20 years needs to be worked because you, a person just getting the game, finds it boring.


This main post has to be a bait topic. “ThE gAmE iSn’T fOr YoU bc it’s free to play.” while OP disregards that maybe Halo isn’t meant for them, especially since they don’t have a single prior game on their service record (assuming OP is using their actual gamertag).

And if it’s bait it’s working because I am completely mind-numbingly enraged right now.


Keep being your solo minded self my friend.

With your attitude the game will be dead within a year because all that will be left is the hardcore halo players. And to that i ask, did they even need to make a new game when all the hardcore halo
Players already were playing halo anyways

Sooner you realise, you arent the target demographic for the game the better it will be for you.


I think Call of Duty needs to ditch sprint and the Loadout system. They need to realize that they need to appeal to wider audience, and that includes Halo people. The sooner they realize that hardcore CoD players aren’t the target demographic, the better.