Can We have the Headhunters armors in ALL future halos?

I have heard nothing but great things from these forums, promises of most of the biggest flaws and wishes of the comuinity filled to the best of 343’s abilities.

It would be sweet to have the Headhunter’s armors availvable in future Halo multiplayer.

SPI armor has been the representation of Spartan 3’s in almost every piece of art I have seen of spartan 3, why it was not in reach is just plain inconciderate.(SPI worn by the green headhunter dude)

I don’t know what the other headhunter is wearing, but its almost as cool as SPI.

I would have put allot more into trying to present how awesome it would be to have these armors in future halos, but My home computer is on the fritz and im using library computer only have 5mins left.

It would be cool, but in a way it would violate cannon. Wasn’t SPI made of plastics? And obviously they don’t have energy shields. But, if 343 wanted to put it in, they could find a way to walk around cannon without utterly destroying it.