Can we have reactive camos for the weapons in the shop or battle pass at some point

i like to see that some weapons in halo get the option to use reactive camo’s and not only the basic one’s you now only get.
since there are looking much better then the basic weapon camo’s.

and for the one’s that not know what reactive camo’s are i explane here.
reactive camo is a skin for the weapon that give’s a effect and is glowing also and i can chance colour by some kill’s type and give no effect to the weapon.

first there are seal and to unlock the seal you need to complete some challance when you have equip the camo on the weapon.
the challance can be get 2 killing spre’s in 1 match or the how much kills you most have with the weapon to unseal it or other type kills like double kills x2 in 1 match challange’s like that.
when you compleet the challange the seal is broken and its showing its colours more.
there can also chance from diffrend colours by the type kills you get but there give no effect its only costmatic looking better.
like the colour chance by 2 kiljoy’s from green to purple and by 3 kiljoy’s its green mix with purple and go on more.

so i hope at some that there are also coming to halo infinite at some point.