Can we have Ranked 343?

Hey who ever is reading this hopefully, you work for 343 Industries. But Sadly I recently dropped Halo because I mainly play on the computer. I heard some rumours for Halo 6 being released for Computer and what I was thinking was a lot like A looot of people liked Ranked or a ranked type of system so players can see where they stand against the rest of the players. Im saying like League has Bronze Silver Gold Plat Elo’s and Overwatch has like 1600 sp err whaterever hehe i just know mine was 2650 sp. What im trying to say 343 is that, I need rankings like how CSGO provides so i feel pushed. To become better… Sadly i didnt get to play halo 5. So personally i dont know if you added them or not but if not please add it for 6 if so. its gonna be the only game i play cause. Call of duty and overwatch and fortnite just arent as fun. Halo has always been my goto for A Blast. Hopefully someone in 343 will read this and tale note. Cause speaking to my friends, sounds like ranked for Halo is one of the best options to add for the next game.
Sincerely Cpt Wafflezz

Feel free to leave feedback in one of the existing wishlist threads.

That said, every Halo has had a ranking system of some sorts.