Can we have our gametpyes back?

Halo 4, while not being the perfect game, did add a few gametpyes that I enjoyed. Dominion and Ricochet to name a couple. However it’s what they took away that upset me.

A sequel to the game is supposed to improve old things and add new things, not replace them. (Unless wildly hated) Reach added things. MANY things. And improved on old ideas. Equipment turning into AA’s wasn’t may what I would call a great idea, but we saw it for what it was at the time. A spinoff, and a swan song to Bungie’s beloved series. So we accepted the changes, complained about some of its faults and weaknesses, only to have them improved overtime through TU’s.

Reach added more customization, it added commendations, it added a new and improved (Not replaced) forge system. Where it lacked in originality for Multiplayer maps, it made up for in spades with the gametypes that went along with them.

Race finally became a thing, for which my custom games side will forever thank you for. We even got new rumble pit games. Headhunter? I can’t tell you how much I loved that game.

But Invasion was my favorite. Not fully loved by the Halo community, I understand, but even the thought of what you could do with the gametype in forge, how you could tell a story with the map design, how you could enhance a players experience by making each wave memorable, THAT was what hooked me.

And then Halo 4 came along, took out race, stripped invasion and replaced it with a refined version of territories, “improved the story of Infection” which I originally thought was great, until I learned that all weapon customization with the flood was gone, and probably the worst removal yet: Assault.

Who does that? That’s like telling RvB that Andy the Bomb doesn’t exist, and if they had waited about 5 more years, Griffball wouldn’t have either.

Low Blow. And totally unnecessary.

So I hope, and I put an emphasis on hope, cause I’m a little upset and discouraged after writing all this to expect anything, that they fix their faults in this area in Halo 5: Guardians and add to and improve the gametypes. Not take away and/or replace. It doesn’t gain you any fans.


I agree OP. Some of my favorite game types from Halo: Reach were removed. Assault was even removed which I had countless hours of fun on. The many variants of capture the flag were also removed. I really wish that these game types made it from Halo: Reach to Halo 4. Especially Invasion which was fun and tactical. I could play it with my friends for hours. Halo 5: Guardians needs to include some of the old game types as well as the many that were added in Halo 4 but refined.

Yeah they need bring back Invasion and Assault, they were great fun.

I think some features from Dominion should carry over into Invasion (If it returns)

It’s things like this that “Adding to instead of taking away” is a good thing. Sure, some game mechanics Reach and 4 added did not work (Armor Lock and Perks) but the game modes they added like Invasion, Dominion, and Extraction did.

Assault, Invasion, Dominion, Race… All the good things from the past games should definitely make a return in Halo 5. The game modes that kept Halo unique and refreshing every time you entered Matchmaking or started a Custom Game. It’s this sort of customization that is beneficial for Halo without a doubt!

I really don’t know what their reasoning was for limiting the customization ability for so many playlists, and getting rid of a few all together.

I mean I get that you want to add new playlists, and that they may be similar, but why not try to add both to see which one is more popular?

Halo 4 actually had a pretty chaotic development. That’s one of the reasons I attribute to the multiplayer’s faults.

A lot of gametypes and content for the game fell by the wayside.

I would love Hardpoint gametype to be added to Halo.