Can we have Halo: "Zeta Dawn" with Environments and foliage Inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn/Forbidden West, Redwood trees, Jungles and Beaches, Ruins, Ancient Humans and Animals taken overby machines ( The created )

No, I’m not saying Halo should “copy it” but it’s such an amazing game that inspiration of it’s world, setting, Biomes and creatures would just work so well to give infinite that satisfying “Wild Exploration” feel to it, and offers the PERFECT opportunity on how to integrate wildlife into the combat loop: Creatures on Zeta can be Captured, augmented with Forerunner tech via the created in order to bolster their dwindling forces, OR the Banished a race that seems like they would have some type of Attack Wolves or Use large animals to carry weapons or armor etc would be made so much more ferocious if they had those Hyena like creatures as seen from Infinite concept art.

A lot of the cool concept art of Infinite looks kinda like Horizon Zero dawn and I wouldn’t mind the awesome redwood forests ( Close to PNW ), some exotic beaches, underwater swimming And combat sequences ( let’s add Spartans being able to Swim, cause in 2600 I’m sure they would have that connundrum solved if they have Slipspace drives )

The Wildlife from Infinite concept art would be great if they were Subdued and used by the Created and Banished to augment their forces as deposable conscripts and support Units.

( RE: The Brute like 30 ft tall Hulking creature from Concepts , laden with armor and Cannons )

OH, and let’s not forget the multiple surviving human factions from the Zero Dawn saga would be implemented quite well by FINALLY adding surviving Ancient Humans from the Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps a contingent of Forsencho’'s people that survived or maybe still had Habitats on another Construct preserved by life workers etc…

So much good opportunity to crank this series up to 150%. People loved the Goblin Super Grunt, so how much more would we love having suped up creatures added to the mix, like some type of armored Behemoth used by the Banished or something unexpected and cool like that. ESPECIALLY since it could bring back the dynamic of Three-way battles from Combat Evolved ( Covie vs Flood vs UNSC ) could now be ( Banished vs Created/augmented Wildlife vs UNSC Vs Sentinel Ring defenses )

I’m sure the talented creatives at 343 had ideas like this WAYYYY before I even said this but hopefully “top brass” and decision makers take note of what their artists/creatives AND players have in mind for the vision of the series and we see those concepts fully realized. just saying…

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343 doesn’t have the talent, imagination or the tech to pull that off. The game they spent 6 years on barely functions and its not even open world. Hell there’s people on 3080TI’s that are having trouble running Infinite as it released, no way could “Slipspace” handle a Horizon level game.

When a live service game releases, it sets the tone and expectations of what will follow and they usually don’t deviate very far from their established formulas. Basically, expect more of the same from Halo Infinite, even if its marginally better than what released as they prepare to sell the remaining 2/3 of the campaign back to you.

Halo had a good run but 343 and Microsoft killed it with greed and mismanagement. Microsoft 1st party has been on a downward slope for years now, that’s why they’ve resorted to buying large chunks of the 3rd party market.

In contrast, Guerilla is on fire right now. Just play Horizon. Halo Infinite was a Minimum Viable Product to sell GP subs and MXT. I’d be shocked to see that change with Microsoft at the helm.

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They have the Talent. Their artists are top tier. The problem is higher ups who give the go ahead on whether certain ideas make it into the game.

There is infinite concept art that shows Horizon type locations, so the ideas and desire to make it is there, they just need the greenlight from the decision makers.

Harming animals would lead to them appearing non PC which is a problem only for them.

The engine wouldn’t be able to support it, it barely supports regular barebones campaign and on PC crashes regularly with both it and Xbox having saving issues.

It would interfere with the narrative that the UNSC sucks and gets annihilated any time there’s an active threat. In the old Halo’s it was regular humans fighting outnumbered by the billions while in 343’s Halo humans are getting slaughtered by the plot. Having a ton of UNSC in Infinite be capable of fighting both banished and wildlife instead of being scattered and mostly dead goes against the pre-established story.

They don’t have the contractors who would be able to program or design any of this lmao.


Not gonna lie, it’s ridiculous how it was said the theme of the game was “HOPE”, YET, they have Cortana nuke Australia, the station with 50 spartans, all the discovered spartans are dead, the pilot is a gloom and doom whiner, and oh we can’t even get levels on Doisac now cause they nuked that too…

Why do you want levels on Doisac?

Why not ? It’s the Brute Homewold and would be a cool setting just like Sangehlios or High Charity.

IIRC didn’t 343 hire the lead engineer for Guerilla quite a few years ago.