Can we have Firefight on halo infinite?

I dont know about yall but im getting kind of bored of killing people. Spent quite a bit on customizations and all my spartan cores are completely flexed out. My favorite thing to do now is to Repulse people off the map, but i am getting pretty bored of this trade even.

Can we please have Firefight so we can start hunting monsters on a team of 4; kind of like Zombies from call of duty? Would be nice to clear waves and see how far we can get, maybe introduce some new cosmetic items from it? I mean this really isnt anything new but it would be nice to at least bring back Firefight. I miss it.


Yes please.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, 343 doesn’t seem to think PvE would be a draw to players. Otherwise we would have heard about something by now, even if is a long ways off.


Nah that’s not the reason.

They gotta get firefight working first. I guarantee the mode is nowhere near finished.

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If it’s even started…


Probably not. It’s probably gonna drop somewhere in season 3-4.


I hope so! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


It’s mind-boggling that firefight havn’t been prioritized.
When Halo 5 mp started becoming less popular, I always found matches in firefight in 10-15 seconds. Even now, 7 years later.
Why on earth do they think PvE wouldn’t become popular and draw players back to Halo?


It doesn’t fit with their godforsaken “Spartan-centric” narrative.

I too, love teh firefights
But since its not part of the “core gameplay”, its not a priority apparently for 343.
Maybe in a few years.
They gotta make it, then figure out how to monetize the heck out of it.

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FF: four player survival with optional generator defence, play till you run out of lives
Spartan ops: a mini campaign with infinite lives but a lot more enemies
warzone: BTB 16 player FF. big maps, more and harder enemies, scarabs and wraths etc…

seriously, the blueprint for three different firefights are there, and people do enjoy FF… too bad 343 most likely doesn’t care

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Lol it’s probably in development like everything else because they figured they can trick people in buying a unfinished game then lie saying it will come later, it’s cheaper for them, hell I won’t be surprised if they are making the next game hoping to trick us twice lol

I just want real T’vaoans, the Skirmishers currently in Infinite are the greatest insult the franchise has ever given me. They still exist, they’re not extinct as has been established in expanded media in both comics and novels, so why add a cosplaying Ruuhtian that fulfills their role and bend the lore to excuse lazy development? Hell that article still peeves me off. Give us real T’vaoans, we’ve been waiting over 10 years.

I really think the AI upgrades in Infinite and the PvE gameplay is strongly suited for Firefight. Hopefully one day it’ll come.

You can have it, absolutely.

Will you though…ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

We need ODST style FF!!! Bonus rounds, shared lives, that intense kick -Yoink!- music when getting near the end, skulls changing… Man, ODST FF was the BEST! Nothing topped it! Bring it back!

…but yeah, if we’re lucky maybe we’ll get Infinite FF by season 19 :roll_eyes::laughing:

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As interim step before 343 provides us with a real firefight in the fullness of time (ahem…) can we at least have more options for bot bootcamp either increasing the number of bots and/or increasing their difficulty level…please and thank you…

I also would love that feature. I enjoy the feeling of wave after wave of covenant forces attacking me and my buddies.