Can we have Armor that looks clean and ISNT Pay-to-Get?

Either coatings or armor pieces. We need more customization options that look really good and require time/effort to get rather than a credit card.

It is very frustrating that the best looking stuff is pay-gated. I get that they have to make money, but if a couple REALLY good customization items are skill/effort-gated, then people will play more and maybe happen to buy some stuff in the store due to increased playtime


Whoa… you are asking Microsoft and 343 too much. Dontcha know they got to stick their hands in your pocket and get away with it?

In all seriousness… the way this store is setup and how you get items is… the worst I have ever seen outside of Gears 5 and BattleFront 2.


The recent twitch drop armor looks pretty clean. That was free.

And 90% of players who claimed them didn’t receive them because they are bugged af.