Can we have a scoring for spartan ops pls 343

Id like to see a scoring system for each stage of spartan ops, It would definately give me more reason to replay the missions if I could beat top scores based on things like best time, headshots, total score etc…

I think there’s scoring but we can’t see it. that’s how it calculates how many xP you earn.

Spartan Ops got a score…but is not visible
u can notice when u finish the mission and ur higher kill enemy type got a score

example: Phantom is like 1300 or something points if my memory dosen’t fail to me

so sometimes that’s why u see a guy with like 25 kills but all that kills are many elites and hunters.

and then a guy with like 57 on grunts and jackals.

but the 25 kills guy is in 1st place

It’d be nice… along with skulls.

I was really surprised when both of these weren’t available in Spartan Ops. It would’ve gone a long way to help replayability.

preferable I would like a CSR(Cooperative Skill Ranking) for Spartan ops. Since Spartan ops isn’t firefight therefore scoring isn’t enabled. But if they do enable scoring they should also enable skull modifier in Spartan Ops.

Haha I wish! The countless Spartan Ops I played for Infinity Challenge…

And Theater.