Can we have a ranked and social playlists?

First off, I’d like to give a great thanks to 343 for really matching me with people of similar skill level, but at the same time, I want a seperation of ranked and social. This is mainly because close competitive matches are fun, but sometimes I just want to lay back with friends and not have to try every game I play (I like to win). Trueskill seems to work very well, and this can lead to great matches, but I just want to relax some games. Wouldn’t ranked and social appease both crowds anyway? When you play to improve and increase your true skill you would play ranked but when you want to just relax you could play social. I could see it working where you have social and ranked k/d seperate, like Halo 3, so results are less skewed as someone with a high k/d for all you know searched social all day.


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