Can we have a legit auto slayer

It would pretty nice to see BRs and Carbines removed from auto slayer, at least only in FFA so the 4v4 players heads don’t explode…hahaha … It’s kinda lame selecting auto slayer FFA and one or two players always camp corners or high ground and just pick off people with precision weapons. It would be way more fun if every one only had autos.

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Play Halo CE. Auto Slayer in CE is actually Auto Slayer.


I do play CE, but it would be nice to have it that way across all titles and not just CE. Especially H2 & H3 where it’s way easy to run away with the game with BRs on auto starts.

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To be honest they should just get rid of Auto Slayer and just make Map Defaults only for Slayer and Objective Gametypes.


Just redo MCC matchmaking all together and put strong weapon starts in rank matchmaking and map defaults in social matchmaking. That way people will have a reason to play rank matchmaking again.
Then get rid of the stupid battle pass system and replace it with something similar to Reach cR system

Big nope on that… MCC is about perfect as is IMO. If you force players to play a certain way all you do is drive them away. Auto slayer should be exactly that, all autos. There are some of us who play purely for fun… Not every playlist needs to be that white knuckle super competitive games. One of the things 343 never had quite been able to do is balance the game between competitive games types and just casual fun game types.

Which is exactly why strong weapon starts should only be in rank matchmaking. The problem with MCC rank right now is its all just MLG boring gameplay that’s not chill and relaxing. If strong weapon starts was only in rank it would open up social matchmaking for new opportunities to grow. Which would being rank matchmaking back as a whole. The population for easy Halo where players don’t have to think about much and just point and shoot is huge compared to how it was in the past.
Nothing is perfect there’s tons of problems in MCC so I don’t really understand why you think things are perfect.


Well I never said things are “perfect”. The only thing that will fix ranked is getting more players. You can’t have good skill based matchmaking without a healthy population of players. I don’t care about ranked because I play for fun the majority of the time. Which is why I am asking for precision weapons to be removed from auto slayer, at least removed from the FFA auto slayer and not the 4v4. Also it would be great to have FFA minimum player count to make a game go to six players and still have the max at 8.

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Oo yeah. This is something I can certainly get on board with.

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Both of you have completely lost the point. I will listen to LethalQ from now on.

I agree completely. If it still has non-auto weapons, its not Auto Slayer.

I agree that Auto Slayer should be Auto Slayer. No precision weapons. Only automatics.