Can we gift items in the shop?

My son, *daughter and I all play Halo MP. I usually add the credits onto my account when I want to get something from the shop, and since that isn’t set up on their accounts, I’m wondering if there is a way to gift them the item if I purchase it.

So yea, if there isn’t a way to do it, is it something 343 would add?

*she won’t play until 343 allows more sizing options.

Is it possible? Yes. But will you be able to? Probably not.

You see a lot of pro teams and promotional shills have codes that you can redeem for certain items. But those are manually/customized codes that 343 gives out to very specific people.

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That’s a shame. I know when I use to play fortnite with my son, I could purchase a skin for them by gifting it to them.

You can buy credit codes in stores/online. Using the code they will be able to have their own credits.

I say they, I mean just your son. Based on the post, your daughter will never play this game.


Thanks, and yea, probably not.

Pretty sure you can gift credits if bought through the Xbox store instead of the ingame store. I have not tried it though, but I imagine it works similarly to any other purchase on Xbox.