Can we get Team BRs back in Arena?

Hey how can we get Team BRs back in Arena Slayer, FFA, & doubles? I loved H2, H3, and H4. Although I didn’t play H4 as much because of the ranking system or lack thereof. H5 has a lot of things going for them and me and my group of friends don’t play H5 but we still play the collection because we can get team BRs. I know someone is going to say “the pistol is supposed to be the new BR.” The pistol will never be the new BR. The BR is the BR and thats THAT! Please 343 bring back team BRs in arena playlists. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. How can we get this going?!

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> The pistol will never be the new BR. The BR is the BR and thats THAT!

But why?


Honestly I he what you’re saying. I’m die hard halo 2 and halo 3 fan. I have over 5200 games played on one account in halo 2 and I have many 5 star generals in halo 3, 50s in every playlist, so trust me I love the br but since their nerf to it, unless it was a playlist where the br took the pistols place, no magnums on the maps or spawn, I’d say go for it but it’s not as Good as it was

The BR is almost unusable at this point, so I can see why the pistol is used. I doubt it will change. I was pretty disappointed myself BRs were gone. BR battles was probably one of the best part of past Halos. Hopefully with infinite we can go back to BR/AR starts & that the BR is actually good like in H3/2.

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> Pistol>BR

This is the case in Halo 5, but the opposite in every other Halo game.

The br is junk now after the tuning they should just remove it or fix it

BR gunfights are the best. I like the pistol… but is it not the staple of halo MM. Halo 2 and halo 3 BR.

I find myself not having as much fun with pistols. They messed up the sandbox catering to pistols and speedy twitch gameplay. Which make the arena super crap. There is only a handful that are decent. It’s not an arena shooter anymore… that day is gone for this game.

Even though Halo 4 gets flak, all weapons were viable and had their place. After the tuning of course. Halo 5 lacks that. The maps in 4 were good to an extent. Didn’t over cater to one weapon.